Keynotes & Highlights of

EFCF 2019


Fuel Cells, Electrolysers & H2 Processing 

Fundamentals and Engineering Design 

Keynote Speakers

EFCF is honored to welcome the following Keynote speakers to Lucerne in 2019.

Mirela Atanasiu - Head of Unit Operations & Communications, FCH JU

-        Topic/title: on Programs of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking in the EU (exact title tbd)



Dr. Kathy Ayers - Vice President, Research & Development, Nel Hydrogen

-        Topic/title: “An Industrial Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities for Low Temperature Water Electrolysis”



Dr.-Ing. Andreas Peschel - Research & Development, Process Development, Linde AG

-        Topic/title: Industrial Perspective on H2 Purification, Compression, Storage, and Distribution“



Dr. Yu Morimoto - Program Manager, Advanced Electrochemical Devices,Toyota Central R&D Labs

-        Topic/title: Fuel Cell and MEA Development at Toyota (exact title tbd)


Invited contributions & Highlights

will be published soon



List of Gold Medal of Honour Winners 

see Christian Friedrich Schönbein Awards