Practical Information

Additional furniture

The booth fee already includes walls for pictures and posters, 1 table, 2 chairs, table cloths as well as electrical connection (220VAC) and electricity consumption.
If there are any needs for additional furniture, please contact directly:
3-D-Art AG

ATA Carnet

For the temporary importation of your exhibition materials, please join the ATA carnet.

The ATA carnet (Admission Temporaire - Temporary Admission) is an international customs document. It is used for the temporary importation, exportation and transit of goods and facilitates the completion of customs formalities in Switzerland and abroad. Unlike the temporary admission (ZAVV) procedure, no security has to be provided when crossing the border with the ATA carnet.

More Information:


In 2019 the EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM will be a four-day event with exhibition set-up and opening on Tuesday, 2 July and lectures all day from Wednesday to Friday. 

Exhibitors may remove their displays on Friday, 5 July from 12.30h.

Please observe the following dates:

31 October 2018
Please register quickly to enjoy (up to 3x) 3% discount of the booth rental fees. 

31 January 2019

Please register before this date at the latest for your company’s name to appear in the Final Announcement, with an edition of 8,000 booklets, which are worldwide distributed.

Spring 2019
Registered Exhibitors will be informed about the floor plan and booth allocation.

1 June 2019
The names of the additional company representatives have to be provided to the European Fuel Cell Forum for inclusion in the List of Participants & getting name batches.

15 June 2019
For exhibitors from overseas: please ship exhibition material (with the carnet ATA) to the address above.   

2 July 2019 in Lucerne (Tuesday)
Exhibitors should arrange their displays between 11:00h and 16:00h. Exhibit and Conference Registration will be opened at 16:00h. All participants of the EFCF 2019 as well as media and general public have free access to the exhibition from then on. The exhibition area will be closed and secured at night.

5 July 2019 in Lucerne (Friday)
Exhibitors should remove their displays between 12:30h and 16:00h. Make sure the return of goods is organized and paid for.