Under the motto:
Progress in Solid Oxide Technologies - From Fundamentals to Systems:

01. State-of-the-art & novel materials
02. State of the art & novel manufacturing
03. Understanding lifetime at different levels:
      from material to system
04. Advanced characterisation techniques
05. Cell, stack & system modelling & optimisation

Science &

06. Cell & stack design & characterisation
07. Balance of plant components
08. Design of systems (SOFC, SOE & SOMR)
09. Component and system performance

Bridge to

10. Product presentation, demonstration,
      novel concepts
11. Solid Oxide Technologies in P2X 
      and chemical processing applications
12. Status of the industry and major groups
13. Others such as RCS, Training & Education,
      Studies, Inititatives
14. Any: Overviews, Keynotes, Plenaries,
      Success Stories, …


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