Christian Friedrich Schönbein Awards

List of Gold Medal of Honour Winners: 

Below is the list of the previous winners of the Christian Friedrich Schönbein Gold Medal of Honour award.

The winners have received this award for an outstanding contribution to the advancement of science and technology; normally for a lifetime of work. For example, key stakeholders who have not only contributed for many years, but have also achieved a high level of recognition within the community.

We congratulate all winners of the Gold Medal of Honour, and thank them again for their enormous efforts to improve and advance technology in their chosen scientific field.


1994: Brian Steel, ICL, United Kingdom (+)

1996: Hans-Heinrich Möbius, Greifswalder Universität, Germany (+)

1998: Helmut Tannenberger, Batell Laboratories Geneva,

2000: Arnold O. Isenberg, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, USA

2001: Manfred Waidhas, Siemens AG, Germany

2002: Masayuki Dokiya, Yokohama National University, Japan (+)

2003: Jürgen Garche, ZSW, Germany

2004: John A. Kilner, ICL, United Kingdom

2005: John Van Zee, Univ of Alabama, University of South Carolina, USA

2006: Subhash Singhal, Siemens Westinghouse
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

2007: Mogens B. Mogensen, DTU, Denmark

2009: Günther G. Scherer, PSI, Switzerland

2010: Ulf Bossel, BBC Baden, Founder of the European Fuel Cell Forum, Switzerland

2011: Claude Lamy, University of Cape Town, South Africa

2012: Bert Rietveld, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

2013: Wolf Vielstich, Bonn University, Germany

2014: Ellen Evers-Tiffée, KIT, Germany

2015: Andrei Kulikovsky, FZJ, Germany

2016: John TS Irvine, Uni of St Andrews, UK

2017: Hubert A. Gasteiger, Technical University of Munich, Germany

2018: Harumi YokokawaThe University of Tokyo, Japan

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