Below is a series of testimonials from participants
and exhibitors who already attended a EFCF conference:

Dear Conference Organizers, ... thank you very much for organizing the EFCF 2015. It was an excellent and very educational event. 

Brian Cox
Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Author EFCF 2015, B1201, see Agenda and Proceedings

…, I'd like to thank you for the fantastic conference in Lucerne. It was the first time I attended this event and I enjoyed it very much, I met very interesting people and made a lot of contacts in the field…..we have been awarded the Contribution to Science Medal. I am very grateful for this recognition and I enjoyed the opportunity to present our work. Hope to join you again for the next conference…..”

Helena Tellez
International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research Fukuoka Japan
Author EFCF 2014, B0603, see Agenda and Proceedings

“I attended the SOFC / SOE conference earlier this summer. Thank you for hosting an excellent conference..."

Greig Wash
Director of Sales and Marketing, Greenlight Innovation, Canada
Participant EFCF 2014

“The European SOFC & SOE Forum is a wonderfully attended international conference and particularly helpful in reaching key decision makers in the European market."

Ron Ekdahl
Business Manager, Praxair Specialty Ceramics, United States
Exhibitor EFCF 2014 

“The European SOFC & SOE Forum gives access to leading companies and researchers in the field of SOFC to even small companies..."

Anubhav Jain
Samics Research Materials, India
Exhibitor EFCF 2014